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Our Services Include:

Free Estimates
We provide accurate, realistic, and reasonable estimates that are unique to each individual project.

From rot repair and additions to barns and timber frames we have the experience to provide a plumb, level, and sound structure using new and old techniques and materials.  We have improved homes built in the late 1800's to present.  If it can be constructed or repaired out of wood or similar products, we can do it.

We take great pride in our ability to provide beauty and protection for your home in one complete package.    Whether re-siding with fiber cement or cedar, siding must be applied with care to ensure a dependable, weatherproof barrier.  New siding and trim will completely change the look of your home.

What a great opportunity for homeowner and contractor to work together on design and product choice to create a simple but functional outdoor living space.  We have constructed decks of all types that are sturdy and require less maintenance providing a safer and more durable structure that adds value and beauty to your home.  When installing a second level deck, we have an inexpensive roof deck application to create a dry space below.  Decking is available in cedar, various hardwoods, composites, and lifetime warranty aluminum. 

Protection from the elements is the sole purpose of any roof.  Covered porches, carports, roof decks and even small awnings offer shade and shelter to make areas and openings more usable and last longer.  Roofs are one of the most affordable and usable structures you can add to your home.

Doors and Windows
Upgrading or adding doors and windows will improve the value, look, function, and energy efficiency of your home.  We take a very fair and practical approach when estimating door and window replacements.  Prices seem to vary the most with this service from one contractor to another so we encourage our customers to compare multiple bids.

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